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Lifestyle Photography Prices:

  • What are your prices? 


$450.00 Session fee for up to 5 people (add $25 for additional kiddo(s))
Includes about 40-50 images! 

$600.00 for large family (up to 30 people, add $50 for 5 more) * this includes the download link for all families! - a CD's is $30 extra 

-Different combinations (This is for whole family, just Grandparents, Grandparents with kids, each ind family, just couples, just kids ect.) As many combos as you would like. 
-Takes about 1 hour, 30 mins and includes about 50 images.

-Outdoors- usually at West Branch park, Kent Park or MacBride. 


Session fee ($25.00 for siblings -each additional child)

-At Studio 
-Takes about 1 hour 30 mins-2 hours and includes about 40 images. 
-Includes 5-7 shots with Mom & Dad

Individual Children's pictures/Maternity

$350.00 Session fee ($25.00 for each additional child)

-Outdoors or at our Studio or both if you come to the West Branch park *Extra $30 for studio pictures unless weather requires it
-Takes about 1 hour-30 mins and includes about 40 images.

*Package for 1st year of life: 5 at full price, last one free!


Birthing Package

$700.00 Session fee-When you are dilated to a 7 I come to the hospital and stay until the babe is born.
I would also stay and get the weighing, and snuggles afterwards, as well as the family meeting the baby if they are waiting.
I save the 2 days before and after you due date (with less on my schedule) in case you go early or late.


Senior pictures

$600.00 Session fee

-Takes about 2-3 hours
-2-3 locations & 3 outfits (can also do props)
-Includes about 100 images
-Images are retouched and color enhanced 

$150 for a guest book for your grad party featuring your pictures!


Singles Shots

$350.00 Session fee
-Takes about an hour
-Includes 40 images 
-A fun way to pamper yourself, get some great pictures for online dating, or just because!


Couples Pictures

$450.00 Session fee
-Takes about 30-45 mins
-Includes about 40 images

Engagement Pictures (for Destination weddings) 
$650.00 Session fee

-Takes about 2 hours
-Includes about 100 images


 *Prices subject to change. 



  • What do your photo session prices include?

    All of the sessions include a high res digital download, which is the same as pulling your pictures off of a CD, except that you don't have to wait for it to come in the mail. As soon as I send you your slideshow for viewing you can download your pictures on to your computer!

As far as printing your pictures- I upload your session to (professional photo printing site) and you can order all of your pictures there at their cost (I don’t charge you a dime!). They deliver them to can order as many as you want- and a 4x6 is just .29 cents, an 8x10 is $2.29. 
View their prices here:

Why? I want you to have great quality printing at a low price. I trust this professional print, they are very affordable, and I know that the prints on your wall will look fabulous! The download is just for you to have your images, but not to order any prints. You can still order canvases, ect. 

  • Will you come to us?

I am a big fan of parks, and am happy to meet you at one for your session. I have a few of them that I use consistently and know what time is best for lighting, ect at these locations, and will come to them for free. *When scheduling on a Saturday or Sunday in a highly booked season, I may need to do your pictures at the park that I have already booked other sessions. I will let you know if this is the case. 
They are:

  • Kent Park in Tiffin Iowa (12 mins from the Coral Ridge Mall)
  • The Herbert Hoover National Park in West Branch (15 mins from Iowa City)
  • North Park Pavilion in Coralville (6 mins from the mall)


I would also be happy to come to your house/farm/family park. These pictures can be so fun and a great way to tell your story in the pictures! If you would like me to do this, and it's a location I have never been before (like your farm) it's $25.00 extra so I can come check it out ahead of time for lighting and space info. 

Driving costs: Up to 30 miles for me= free- after that is additional $50.00 plus $1.00 a mile).