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About us

Hi ya! 

My name is Erin, and I am the owner of Nature's Grace Photography.
It's swell that you have found my website and are looking around at my pictures! 

I am primarily a Wedding Photographer, but also love to get the chance to do Families, Babies, Kiddos, Seniors and more! I am pretty interactive with kiddos, which has earned me the "friend" status with many-a freckle faces round town, and get along well with Grooms who are infamous for being sarcastic, cuz I am married to one of those. ;) 

I have been a growing photographer since 2007 and love what I do!
I am a self-taught, easy going, on site photographer (which means that I do most my shoots on location at parks and outdoor spaces).

I have a small indoor photography studio (and do most of my sessions in the National Park) in West Branch, IA (about 15 mins outside Iowa City) that is mostly used for kiddos in the winter, newborns, and to meet with my Bride & Grooms. I also own Little Lights Events- a quaint event space for Weddings, showers, parties and more. I stay busy with these two adventures and two more giggly and sweet ones of my own at home with my husband. 

We love to travel, hike, drink coffee, laugh, be active in our community, spend time with our families and attempt to take time for all the little moments that I document every day. 


-Erin :)